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Haven’t done one of these posts in a while. But we’re getting closer to spring, and especially here in LA where the weather was in the 80s the weekend, the pretty prints that are popping up everywhere are calling to me. Here are some that I’d love to add to my closet right now.

Ruano Kaleidoscope Print Shift by Rhyme Los Angeles

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The interest in the details…

Sometimes when picking what to wear, I battle mentally over wanting to just be comfy, and still wanting to look polished.  I think this outfit looks put together, but is deceptively comfortable.  The pants I love, they’re super soft and lightweight.  The shirt is jersey, and the jacket is lightweight and cotton.  If anything in this ensemble foils my attempt at comfort, its the heels, but even for those, these ones are good. A little platform in the front makes a tall heel feel not so tall, and also allows for a little cushion in the front.

Jacket: Forever21 // Necklace: Mango // Top: J. Crew // Pants: Mango // Shoes: Calvin Klein (similar here)

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Pattern and lace…

As I’m sure you can imagine, much of the attire you see in a law office is drab. Most business suits are drab, even the decor, walls and carpet here are drab. I, however, am not drab.  And I refuse to allow my drab environment to suck me in. So even if I’m alone in it, I will bring color to the drabness I spend the bulk of my day in.  By my clothes and by my smile.

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Engagement party ensemble…


Hubby and I had the pleasure and honor of helping our friends celebrate their engagement this past weekend. It was a beautiful but cool day in Los Angeles that day, and the party wasn’t until dusk. They told us it wasn’t anything fancy, but still wanted to look a little dressy for the special occasion.  Plus I didn’t know anything about the location, so I wanted to be warm enough in case I had to spend time outside.

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What kind of fashion blog would I be if I didn’t do a post today about the Oscars?  Did you watch?  I have to say, about the show, that I liked Seth McFarland as a host.  I felt like his humor was just enough and mostly non-offensive, and the intro was a performance that actually made the show a Show, and it was great to see all the other actors that participated performing with him. But of course, the real reason anyone watchs is the fashion. Who is wearing what.  Here are some of my faves and least faves, from the Oscars and the after parties.



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