Dressed up for dinner…

I’ve never followed the “no whites after Labor Day” “rule”.  That’s just silly to me.  Granted, I find that ‘winter white’ feels a bit more seasonally appropriate during the colder months, but white white works year round.  You just need to incorporate it in seasonally appropriate ways.  Like in a jacket. A fun, structured jacket with extra detailing.


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Lovin me some Bloglovin & Facebook…


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So I’m branching out and have created a Facebook page for this blog, as well as I’m on Bloglovin.  You can access my Facebook page here, or through the link below.  Please if you have a minute, go and like my page so I can be considered legit. 🙂

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Office brights…



photo 1I’m on a mission to find office appropriate outfits that are not drab.  I spend my days (just for the pay) in a law office, and while it could be worse, it’s pretty drab. The decor is from I think the ’70s, and aside from the sporadically-placed colorful but what-the-heck-is-that-supposed-to-be artwork, everything is dull around here.  I’m trying be be a bright spot amongst it all. This outfit helps with that.

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Red-y or not…

image (1)As I mentioned earlier, I am going to try to post more apparel pictures, and today is one of those days. I must disclaimer that the pictures are not the best possible.  Saturday turned out to be a great day for talking pctures outside, but I ended up sick.  Then Sunday when I was feeling better, it was a bit sunny, plus it was Super Bowl, and my husband and I spent the morning in the kitchen prepping food, then the afternoon at our friends house to watch the game. Didn’t get home until after dark, so the pictures ended up just being in the house (boring!) with the iPhone.  Ah well. Next time.

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My week in pictures….

Happy Friday!

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Left to Right, Top: Thursday office leopard print, Lu_Magoo with a floppy ear, Wednesday office feet;
Middle: Sweet treat after dinner, a beautiful day in LA after some rain, hot yumminess on a cold night;
Bottom: Ride home from the weekend gym visit, exploring the neighborhood, morning hair.